Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wow! How time has flown by!

It seems as though just yesterday the Marketing Team was trying to decide on a product for this year's marketing plan, now just second later we are getting ready for the National NAMA Convention and Marketing Team Competition.

This spring has been a busy one! Working tirelessly on the marketing plan, attending professional meetings and holding the annual spring banquet. We just had the Annual NAMA Banquet last sunday. This was a fantastic evening that gave parents, friends, and Iowa State University faculty the opportunity to learn more about Iowa State NAMA.

The highlights of the evening included a presentation by the marketing team, a year-in-review slideshow, and 2009-2010 officer installations. The evening concluded with member awards being presented by the club advisors and a delicious meal.

A week from now we will be in Atlanta, GA, taking part in the NAMA National Convention.
Wish us luck!

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